During the past couple of days SML and I have been stalking this theatre trying to win lottery tickets to the Book of Mormon musical. I’ve been writing things like, “Pick Me!” and “Possum!” on the back of my entry tickets to give me an edge, but so far the results of this exercise have been dismal. I stopped breathing for a moment when they called out “Kenneth!....” and then sank my head when they followed up with a “CLARK”. What kind of name is Kenneth Clark anyway.

I listened to about half of this soundtrack on NPR when it was available a week or so ago. By far my most favorite song was “Sal Tlay Ka Siti” - a Ugandan convert dreaming of a Utopian city in faraway Ooh-tah. I think a lyric actually states, “Where all the people there are open minded...” I joke, of course, because I actually miss Salt Lake City. And not just because they have vitamin injections by the case.

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