Hi, I'm Ken. I like cats and frozen blueberries.

5th Avenue

I had so much fun on my last trip to New York City that I've made plans to go again next weekend. I've often told people how stupid I thought New York was, how awful I thought it would be to live there, how I would much rather live in a warm place like Scottsdale Arizona. SML remarked on this as I was purchasing bus tickets this morning and I couldn't quite admit to myself how much I wanted to go back. What is happening to me.

From the BU Bridge

I took this photo from the Boston University Bridge.  I had been meaning to walk to this bridge so I could take pictures but I always put it off because it seemed out of the way, or too cold, or because I might lose my breath from the long walk.  Finally, after seven months of living here, I made it.  I think this might be a personal record as far as procrastination goes.

Off Memorial Drive

SML and I walked along the other side of the river yesterday afternoon, allowing me to take several shots of the city.  I bent down low to get this shot of the ice, a little too low because my entire ass came flopping out of my jeans.  I know I'm not immune to showing a little plumber's crack, but SML said that at least half of the moon was showing, meaning that the runners passing by got a little more than just the view of the city.


Charlotte sits like this by her leash all day long (that small orange piece at the bottom of the picture) hoping someone will pick it up so she can chase it.  It's a tiring experience because she expects you to drag the leash throughout the entire apartment, back and forth.  She runs faster than I can, causing me to trip over her, gasping for breath and pleading a timeout.  

A First Attempt

This is my first attempt at creating an HDR image.  So enjoy it or else. 

The Good Stuff Diner is located somewhere in New York City, and it's the restaurant that SML and I went to for our Valentine's Day Dinner.  I think I was drawn to it by the bright lights and the promise of being able to sit down.