Hi, I'm Ken. I like cats and frozen blueberries.

The Typical Work Day

SML and I set up this small workstation in our living room for SML and his nasty habit of homework. When I get bored I take pictures of him and he'll often pose doing something exactly like this, which is a lot like how Charlotte will greet us sometimes when we  try to kiss her on the mouth.

What.  Like you don't kiss your pets.

Celebrating My Individuality

I picked up this gem of a belt buckle visiting Los Angeles over the weekend. I was with some of my co-workers shopping in Little Mexico when I found it and started raving how cool it is.  I received some odd glances and a lot of, "I don't think SML will like that", but I just kept reassuring everyone that SML response would be the same as when I bought those bright blue shorts.  That conversation went something like this:

Ken:  "Do you like these shorts?"

SML:  "Eh.  Well.  I celebrate your individuality."

And so does Charlotte, apparently, because she could not stop touching it long enough for me to take a picture. 

Fail Whale

I've been fascinated by the Fail Whale ever since I saw this video about the trouble with Twitter.  I have been fortunate on occasion to see this whale while trying to load my twitter account, but now I can see it every morning with my cup of joe.

And before anyone says anything, yes, I realize this is a clear indication that I don't have a life outside of the Internet. That will change as soon as the sun comes out. Er. Well, that's what I keep I telling myself anyway. This winter has been dreeeeaaaaddfullll, the same way it feels knowing that you have a cavity and your dentist went to Harvard but can't say his R's. 

Will the real kitty please stand up

Yesterday afternoon I noticed Charlotte with this stuffed animal SML scored after helping a random person at school with a computer problem. Charlotte rekindled her relationship with the toy after she discovered it underneath the bed about a week ago, after months of leaving it abandoned there gathering dust bunnies.  

I keep thinking we need to get another cat to keep Charlotte company, but this will have to do until there is a cure for cat poop.

Flatiron Building

SML and I took another trip to New York this weekend, hoping it would allow us to see more of the city. As we ventured out, the city seemed to grow five sizes larger than I remembered it being, becoming a lot less manageable.  We wanted to go out on the town this trip, something we haven't been able to get into since moving to the east coast.  

The nightlife in New York is certainly alive, but I chose a dive bar in the West Village, a place with 'Boots' in the name thinking it would be filled with cowboys, or at the very least a mechanical bull.  Instead of those things I found a dark room with barrels for tables and antlers hanging on the wall, all pulsating from the Techno music.  

SML and I nestled into a corner with wide eyes, gulping down our drinks so we could make our escape when an older gentleman put his arm around SML and began a conversation.  I smiled and nodded at the two because I couldn't hear anything, but SML nodded a stern no instead and guided us to the other side of the room prompting me to ask, "What did he say?"

"He offered me crack and sex." 

"He did?  But he's so old."