Hi, I'm Ken. I like cats and frozen blueberries.

Tall Ships

I booked cheap tickets for a harbor cruise to see the Tall Ships that came into the Boston harbor this week. Getting on a boat is thrilling for me, a sign that I might not have enough excitement in my life; when it’s nice to get an increased heart beat from something other than running two miles on a treadmill.

It’s really quite a sight to see these ships. SML and I mostly said to each other things like, “That’s cool” and “Is that the Mast?” A quick search on google reveals that neither of us know what a mast is and that the word we were really looking for is bow.

There go my nautical aspirations. Too bad, because I still think I’d look hot as a sailor. Rawr.


I took SML to Nahant Beach this morning, waking up early to make it for a Kite Festival that I thought would be brilliant.  There were something like four kites and none of them were particularly interesting.  We left early to make it for a lunch with some of SML's business buddies, so we'll never know if it got any better.  

Pink in North Hampton

It's been awhile since I've updated this website, so I thought I'd share a picture I took in North Hampton on my birthday. I'm in Utah, working...wishing that I were in Massachusetts. I'm generally a fan of Utah, but does every person you pass on the sidewalk have to ask you for money? 

I will note, however, that the Tulips in Utah are much prettier than in Massachusetts.  I didn't bring my camera on this trip because I'm "working", the same reason I didn't bring it to Los Angeles.  I criticize myself every morning for this thinking, because there is nothing I wouldn't do for a candid shot of one of my family's blow ups.


The city has become incredibly active the last couple of days, as more and more people enter the city for the Boston Marathon. It's all happening just as this area is starting to warm up, something I've been dreaming about since last November. The temperature barely rose above fifty degrees today, but just the fact that the sun was shining will probably extend my good mood until sometime next week.