Hi, I'm Ken. I like cats and frozen blueberries.


It’s been nearly four weeks since I moved to New York City. This week marked the beginning of SML’s new job and also the beginning of very, very long days spent watching Sex and the City with my cat. Those people who enjoy working? I do not understand them.

This picture was taken the first week that we moved into Manhattan, just near the halfway point on the Brooklyn Bridge. It was taken on a humid day, one of many humid days that would eventually drive me to the brink of insanity, then to a Home Depot for an air-conditioner, and then a same-day delivery order NO MATTER THE COST.

SML insists that I’m the hardest person to move with because I get mean and mouthy about stupid things. But I just want to point out, for the record if there is one, that when our couch could not fit through the tiny door that is the entrance to my teeny apartment, I kept myself calm and collected. And when it cost more than the couch itself to be taken away to god knows where? Charge it to the credit card!

And just outside of my apartment where the ceiling is collapsing? Right now as I’m typing this? SEE HOW CALM I AM?

In all seriousness, the humidity is absolutely the worst part about living New York City. The best part, however, are all of those adults walking around the streets with ice cream cones. I’ve never seen that before, I feel like I’m living in an amusement park and those yellow cars that pick people up are really just bumper cars.

It's Happening

Spring hit Boston early this year, much earlier than I remember it happening last year when I gained fifteen pounds in what I imagine was my attempt at staying warm. I took this picture an entire week ago from Commonwealth Avenue, on what I’ll probably remember as the best day of the year.

Obviously I love spring so I won’t say much more about it. I think it must be everyone’s favorite part of the year, too, because I haven’t even heard of one stabbing in or around my neighborhood.

The Family Event

SML and I waited around all day on Saturday for our pre ordered iPads to delivered via UPS. Out of the two of us, SML was the most anxious, most antsy...most angry when UPS changed their online status to ‘INCORRECT ADDRESS’. He was on the phone with a UPS representative before I could even read the status for myself using words like, “UNACCEPTABLE.”

We’ll never really know what happened in Watertown Massachusetts that day, but I’m certain it involved Microsoft Windows.

That’s a joke. Sort of.

After we had waited the entire day, pacing, reading tweets of other Apple fanatics, I suggested we go downtown and just buy the F’ing thing. It seems crazy in hindsight but at the time the anxiety was causing me to tug at what little bits of hair I have left. Waiting until Monday was absurd! Like passing up a three for one deal on a quart of Girl Scout Cookie ice cream.

SML readily admits to this fact, that we purchased four iPads, retelling the story of our missing UPS delivery and our hasty trip to the Apple Store. I’m just upset that I wasted that entire day waiting for UPS when I could have wasted it watching Sex and the City Season Six, Part II on my iPad instead of that awful 37” television in my living room.

"Bring a little love."

If you’ve been following this blog, god bless you, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been a little distant. It’s not your fault, I’m not trying to avoid you.

My best excuse is that my life has been incredibly boring. I don’t have a single thing to complain about; this past winter was mild, a wine store is just around the corner, and I have fabulous dentist who on each visit teaches me to floss. If I can’t complain about something what else is there, I mean, really.

This photo was taken in the Boston Public Gardens a week ago, a week ago when it was seventy degrees and I was resisting the urge to sun bathe on the driveway outside of my apartment. It was such a fantastic day, my favorite time of the year in fact, when finally the world is alive again and there’s chance of encountering a wild turkey on the streets of Brookline.

SML and I recently made a decision to move to New York City so I’ve been sentimental about Boston ever since. I really haven’t said just how much I admire Boston and I don’t want my negative complaining to get in the way of just how beautiful and friendly the city really is. Boston Common! Faneuil Hall! THE ESPLANADE! I could go on, and on, and on...well, you get the drift.

BUT...Boston is no New York. It's no Florida either, but that's another story.

Long Overdue

I am embarrassed to say that I took this picture nearly two months ago and I am just getting around to posting something on this website. I figure it’s better late than never, and I would have had even more pictures had any of them actually turned out. I thought I would have gotten home from this trip to New York City and be delighted with beautiful photos of the fall colors in Central Park. Instead they were so blurry and lopsided it’s as though I were running through the park spinning in circles, or I don’t know, maybe doped up on caffeine and unable to hold or stand still. Whatever the case, I have fond memories ‘taking’ those photos.

This picture of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was taken the next day, apparently when I was feeling more at ease with myself. It was my first time and probably the last time I’ll go to this parade because my god, the crowd. It was suffocating.