All about Goals

I resolve

When I think of 2010 I can’t really say for certain whether it was the worst year of my life, or if it just made my list of top ten worst years. The year wasn’t all bad, but I did almost break down crying on Madison Avenue once, in front of stores like Ralph Lauren and Chanel. And I passed out at a doctor’s office, which I suppose in hindsight could have been much worse: I could have passed out earlier that morning at the dollar store on 8th Avenue, shopping for Statue of Liberty figurines.

Last year I didn’t post any resolutions, but I really only had one: Run 440 miles. I almost got there with 397.85 miles; which means that in December, instead of drinking an entire bottle of wine I should have been running.

And that brings me to this year’s resolutions:

Write an iPhone application. This is more or less also a work project, but I think it qualifies as a personal project because I don’t have to do it.

Travel Internationally. To Spain, preferably. I’m a little obsessed with this actually, and I’m not exactly sure why. I think it might have something to do with Michelle Obama.

Run 600 miles. WHAT. I know, that’s 160 miles more than my last goal that I didn’t meet. But I could have exceeded that last goal if I hadn’t slacked off for the last three months eating Cheetos with my cat(s).

Begin tracking my fitness progress publicly. This one will be the hardest I think, but probably the one I need to do the most. I’ve been wanting to get into really great shape for the longest time and publicly shaming myself might do the trick.

And I think that will do it. I’m not very ambitious. If I were, I’d probably resolve to cook-in five days a week or exercise every morning, or become someone like Dr. Oz.

This is unrelated, but I went on a tour of Dr. Oz’s set yesterday, and did you know that he runs 5 miles a day AND performs heart surgery? AND tapes two shows a day three times a week AND tapes a radio show AND heads the Department of Surgery at Columbia? WTF.