All about Kitties

On the top

It's been awhile since I've picked up my camera, or blogged...gone to the gym, although I do manage my coffee every morning. I think I deserve some kind of reward for that.

I took this picture tonight while Charlotte was hanging out on top of the kitchen cabinets. She does this every once in awhile, I think because she's bored, but maybe it's because she likes to see how thin my hair is getting. And it is! Ever since I stopped using a sticky hair product made by VO5 my hair has been gradually falling out. The worst part about all of this is that my hair product is still, what SML calls "bonding", with the couch. It's creating large black spots on the back cushions, making it look like we stole one of our neighbors' front porch couches.

Will the real kitty please stand up

Yesterday afternoon I noticed Charlotte with this stuffed animal SML scored after helping a random person at school with a computer problem. Charlotte rekindled her relationship with the toy after she discovered it underneath the bed about a week ago, after months of leaving it abandoned there gathering dust bunnies.  

I keep thinking we need to get another cat to keep Charlotte company, but this will have to do until there is a cure for cat poop.


Charlotte sits like this by her leash all day long (that small orange piece at the bottom of the picture) hoping someone will pick it up so she can chase it.  It's a tiring experience because she expects you to drag the leash throughout the entire apartment, back and forth.  She runs faster than I can, causing me to trip over her, gasping for breath and pleading a timeout.