All about Apple

The Family Event

SML and I waited around all day on Saturday for our pre ordered iPads to delivered via UPS. Out of the two of us, SML was the most anxious, most antsy...most angry when UPS changed their online status to ‘INCORRECT ADDRESS’. He was on the phone with a UPS representative before I could even read the status for myself using words like, “UNACCEPTABLE.”

We’ll never really know what happened in Watertown Massachusetts that day, but I’m certain it involved Microsoft Windows.

That’s a joke. Sort of.

After we had waited the entire day, pacing, reading tweets of other Apple fanatics, I suggested we go downtown and just buy the F’ing thing. It seems crazy in hindsight but at the time the anxiety was causing me to tug at what little bits of hair I have left. Waiting until Monday was absurd! Like passing up a three for one deal on a quart of Girl Scout Cookie ice cream.

SML readily admits to this fact, that we purchased four iPads, retelling the story of our missing UPS delivery and our hasty trip to the Apple Store. I’m just upset that I wasted that entire day waiting for UPS when I could have wasted it watching Sex and the City Season Six, Part II on my iPad instead of that awful 37” television in my living room.